Bespoke API Integration Across a Multisite Organisation

Without centralised reporting it can become difficult to keep a consistent on-boarding process that ensures compliance across an entire organisation.

Using CWR as a Multisite Business

As a large multisite operator you face problems that many other businesses don't. Decentralised recruitment and on-boarding reduces visibility over existing processes for senior management, resulting in employees that may not be properly checked before being hired and rostered on.

Checkworkrights can be integrated through our API into existing HR management systems or used through our secure, customisable web application, assisting with work rights compliance during on-boarding and for the duration of a visa-holders employment. This can include:

  • Initial checks run based on existing data set
  • Resolving issues with existing data set
  • Review of existing systems and processes
  • Key stakeholders trained on the use and deployment of the Checkworkrights platform
  • Deployment of Checkworkrights scanning tool to site managers in the field

How Can CWR Help?

Simplified On-boarding Process

Site managers scan employee passports with our smartphone app, receiving a visa result and confirmation of work rights on the spot

Automated Ongoing Checks

The details of the initial check are stored and rechecked regularly to maintain on-going workplace entitlement for the duration of their employment

Centralised Records and Reports

Multisite managers access secure reports on the status of work rights across the entire business, giving the visibility needed to make informed strategic decisions

Bespoke API Integration

With a robust API and Web hooks, Checkworkrights can be integrated seamlessly into your existing HR management system

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